In summary, ReGen Factor believes it is well-positioned to focus its proprietary technology on numerous medical markets. The result is expected unparalleled revenue growth and profitability. Revenue growth will come from three primary areas:

  1. Increased sales of PepFactor, PepFactor Scalp, and ReGeneron due to expansion of pertinent indications.
  2. Increased demand of the flagship product PepFactor Scalp due to the significant need for safer treatments of androgenic alopecia with less side effects in men and women
  3. International marketing of our regenerative medicine products, which will be formulated for nonmedical use including cosmetics.

In order to address these opportunities, the company has undertaken a number of critical growth initiatives, summarized as follows:

  • Continue to build out critical departments within the company. Primarily: Clinical Operations, Medical Affairs and Information Technology
  • Technology Patents
  • Complete the evolution to enhanced manufacturing.
  • Complete the testing and approval process for the manufacturing and distribution of the lyophilized “powdered” product.
  • Invest heavily in market development activities to increase product knowledge.


ReGen Factor is currently conducting an equity raise of $4 million (expandable up to $6 million at the Company’s discretion) via a private placement at a pre-money implied valuation of $48,000,000.

The offering consists of Shares at an initial offering price of $0.20 per Share. This offering is expected to be concluded early in the fourth quarter of 2021. The Company has attained its implied pre-money valuation of $46,000,000 for the current offering, primarily by reference to information obtained from individuals with knowledge of current market capitalization information regarding privately held competitors of the Company at similar stages of development and the Company’s continued success in clinical outcomes and progress towards required regulatory approvals.

To properly scale the business and capitalize on its potential market dominating technology, ReGen Factor anticipates it will require additional capital subsequent to the Class A-1 round. The Company anticipates it will obtain such capital via a strategic transaction, recapitalization or exchange listing. Any such efforts will be dependent on then-current market conditions.

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ReGen Factor commenced sales in the United States during mid-2019, and the company has been able to nearly double sales year over year. Notably, COVID-19 greatly disrupted sales as the primary consumers of PepFactor Skin and PepFactor Scalp were associated with elective surgery and procedures which were restrained due to COVID for much of the year.

As shown in the discussion above, 2021 is a critical year for the company. If its Phase 1 and subsequent Phase 2 trials of PepFactor Scalp show its ability to help regrow hair in men and women suffering from androgenetic alopecia, the company will obviously experience a sharp rise in revenue. Additionally, the completion of other INDs will open new markets as well. To be able to seize these opportunities, ReGen Factor must invest in the initiatives previously discussed. These initiatives come with a substantial cost. Additionally, there is no guarantee of success. As such, any forward-looking estimates of sales as well costs are highly speculative.

The following financials should be viewed as indicative of potential only as well as presented in the draft, non- GAAP form. ReGen Factor has engaged an independent third-party financial audit firm to complete an inception-to date financial audit through 2020. The audit report is expected to be completed by the end of December 2021. Looking forward, the
revenue estimates shown in the following table assume that sales of its existing products will continue to double each year, that PepFactor Scalp will be adopted as an important treatment for androgenetic alopecia, that the company’s additional INDs will lead to new markets.

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