Corporate and Social Responsibility

Strong ethics underpins everything we do.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

Bio-Identical Environment

The human body and structure are magical and full of healing properties. At ReGen Factor, we use our understanding of this complex’s human anatomy and cellular function to search for new molecular scaffolds that can potentially solve human and animal health problems.

Growth factors are critical for tissue repair and regeneration, offering much scope for regenerative medicine applications. While using growth factors to promote tissue healing has shown promising results in pre-clinical settings, translation of growth factors is often limited by their short half-life, rapid diffusion from the delivery site, and low cost-effectiveness.

Regen Factor addresses the shortcomings in growth factors with a cost, compelling bio-identical recombinant human fibroblast growth factors. ReGen Factor bio-identical basic Fibroblast Growth Factors are safer and offer high efficacy while reducing doses and side effects with increased growth factor stability and bioactivity, opening the way for our bFGF for regenerative medicine adoption in the future.

We are passionate about the environment, its conservation, and the myriad of values they provide to the community. We ensure all collection activities as part of our program are undertaken in an exemplary and environmentally-responsible manner with negligible impact on the environment. Our proprietary knowledge-based discovery platform NBPES means we only need to take minimal quantities of specifically-targeted types of material. All our collections are made under legally-binding access and benefit-sharing agreements.

Animal Welfare

At ReGen Factor, we believe it is our fundamental ethical responsibility as a company to:

  1. Minimize the use of any laboratory animals in product development; and,

  2. Where experimentation and regulatory requirements necessitate the use of animals, ensure that these activities are conducted to the highest possible standards of animal care and welfare, paying particular attention to ‘on-study’ quality of life and the possibility for retirement, rehabilitation, and rehoming of animals on the completion of the studies. 

Before engaging research contractors to conduct any required animal studies on our behalf, we closely investigate their animal welfare approach and standards for animal handling, housing, socializing, and environmental enrichment.

While we strongly support the intent of the 3Rs principles in animal experimentation (Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement), we have tangibly demonstrated that more can often be done, especially after animal studies’ finalization. In this respect, we are very proud to have been instrumental in working with our research providers to initiate and fund new, industry-first programs for the retirement, rehabilitation, and rehoming of laboratory animals on completion of studies.

In the Community

ReGen Factor has a respected corporate profile in the local communities in which we work. We appreciate the responsibilities this brings and strive to maintain and enhance our reputation by being active in our communities.

We encourage the involvement of our staff in community activities, especially in providing mentoring for high school and university students and in contributing to community initiatives to raise awareness and understanding of science and technology, animal welfare, and environmental issues.

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