Who is ReGen Factor?

Hair restoration and anti-aging skin treatments

ReGen Factor offers hair restoration and anti-aging skin treatment solutions to med-spa owners, medical practitioners, DOs, RNs, and aesthetic professionals globally. ReGen Factor operates in the multi-billion global anti-aging and hair restoration markets. ReGen Factor’s offerings deliver “never seen before” results for anti-aging face and skin treatments in addition to unparalleled solutions for hair restoration with safe, fast, and effective treatments. ReGen Factor is the owner of PepFactor Skin and PepFactor Scalp cosmetic treatments globally and are headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

“This is an important milestone for ReGen Factor,” said Stephen Blignaut, CEO of ReGen Factor. “We thoughtfully curated this board to include hair transplant, general medicine, med-spa and marketing industry experts whose collective experience ensures ReGen Factor has the guidance it needs to navigate its way in the dynamic anti-aging and hair restoration markets.

ReGen Factor is a company delivering disruptive solutions in the anti-aging skin and hair restoration markets offering new age products; PepFactor Scalp and PepFactor skin treatments for fast and never seen before results.


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Quarterly Update

Welcome to ReGen Factor’s latest quarterly update. Since our last update in May 2022, we have made significant strides towards achieving our goals. This update

ReGen Factor Shareholder Update – H2 2024

Prioritizing FDA applications for diabetic ulcers and diabetic retinopathy using their recombinant human basic Fibroblast Growth Factor (rh bFGF). This shift addresses substantial unmet medical

Timelines and Strategies of PepFactor

Timelines and Strategies

ReGen Factor Commence Cosmetic Trials ReGen Factor commenced stage 1 cosmetic trials to prove the effectiveness of PepFactor Scalp for hair regrowth. The test will

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