ReGen Factor expand its distribution network to the UK with the addition of its distribution partner MedSpa Equip UK

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August 02, 2022, 22:01 GMT


ReGen Factor and MedSpa Equip UK have partnered to expand the distribution of the PepFactor cosmeceutical range throughout the UK.

We are excited to have secured the exclusive distribution of the PepFactor cosmeceutical range in the UK and are looking forward to appointing top-tier aesthetic professionals as PepFactor providers”

— Chris Sinden

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, August 3, 2022 / — ReGen Factor, an international biotechnology leader in skin care and scalp rejuvenation cosmeceuticals, today announced the expansion of its distribution territory into the United Kingdom with UK-based medical and cosmetic treatment device company MedSpa Equip UK.

The strategic partnership between ReGen Factor and MedSpa Equip UK, not only increases the geographical distribution network of PepFactor, ReGen Factor’s flagship product, but it allows for device and product sales packages to be tailored toward the expanding skincare and hair rejuvenation markets within the UK. MedSpa Equip UK will introduce the PepFactor Skin and PepFactor Scalp cosmeceutical product range into the United Kingdom in combination with MedSpa Equip UK’s medical and aesthetic device range.

Together, ReGen Factor and MedSpa Equip UK will work to expand the reach of the PepFactor Skin and Scalp range into the UK via a select number of exclusive vetted and approved med spa and beauty salons throughout the UK. “ReGen Factor is pleased with the fast-paced growth of the PepFactor Skin and PepFactor Scalp treatments in the US, Middle East, and Europe. PepFactor delivers visible and reliable treatment results quickly, making PepFactor the go-to treatment for skin and scalp treatments in some of the world’s most exclusive med spas”. “We are very excited and fortunate to now have this opportunity to serve the British market. We are ready to go to work, which begins by identifying where our offerings will best serve the needs of so many respected aesthetic service providers throughout this market,” said Stephen Blignaut, President & CEO, ReGen Factor Pty Ltd.

Tahli Fitzpatrick, of International Communications at ReGen Factor added, “The MedSpa Equip UK team has always been a valued business partner and we are excited about the synergies and opportunities created due to expansion into the UK. As we continue our relationship with the MedSpa Equip UK team, the most significant beneficiary of this expansion will be the PepFactor providers, with expanded treatment solutions that will help them strengthen their focus on improving client satisfaction”. “We are excited to have secured the exclusive distribution of the PepFactor cosmeceutical range in the UK and we are looking forward to appointing top-tier medical and aesthetic professionals as PepFactor providers throughout the UK” said MedSpa Equip UK’s Chris Sinden.

About ReGen Factor
ReGen Factor is the industry’s leading manufacturer and distributor of cutting-edge skin and scalp treatments for men and women seeking the best cosmeceutical treatments for fast and effective skin and scalp treatments. With a firm commitment to technology and innovation along with our expertise in bio-identical cost-effective fibroblast growth factors, we are making a global impact in the cosmetic, cosmeceutical, and pharmaceutical realms. We specialize in delivering cutting-edge solutions by formulating and designing world-exclusive, luxurious cosmeceuticals that deliver never seen results. We focus on helping medical spas and beauty salons with anti-aging, skincare, and scalp rejuvenation treatments to deliver more effective treatments with real results more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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